WTPEO Environmental Survey

The Environment Committee is now planning environment and energy activities for the 2014 -2015 season. The Environment Committee is now benefiting from the efforts of some enthusiastic new volunteers.

Here is the Purpose of the Committee, as agreed by the WTPEO Executive:

1. In line with the Definition of Engineering Practice, in the Professional Engineers Act, to encourage Chapter members to promote the safeguarding of the environment as a fundamental feature of engineering practice.

2. To promote environmental awareness to the public.
Energy and Transportation both present important environmental aspects. The Environment Committee is actively involved in planning Chapter events in both of these areas. In coming months, we will stage public meetings and site visits, to promote the environmental (and energy) agenda.

On January 22nd, 2014, the Chapter hosted a public meeting on Flooding in Toronto. This event brought together three important surface water specialists from the Toronto area, and a meteorologist from Environment Canada, to discuss the Toronto Flood of July 8th, 2013, and whether Toronto can prevent flood damage in the future.

On March 26th, 2014, Rick Hohendorf of OSPE’s Energy Task Force presented Electrical Energy Storage Options, which have a surprising potential to ease some of the environmental aspects of electricity generation in Ontario. The audience included members of Energy Storage Ontario, a new organization which represents Ontario‚Äôs growing energy storage technology industry. The meeting featured some interesting exchanges between our highly experienced energy experts.

The Environment Committee staged a site visit to the Portlands Energy Centre on May 24th. Portlands Energy Centre is a natural gas-fired electricity generating station at the east end of the Toronto waterfront.

The 2011 WTPEO Chapter survey of members’ environmental attitudes revealed that the most popular topic among environmentally-interested chapter members is renewable energy. The Chapter can work toward presenting renewable energy in future seminars and meetings, keeping in mind the other aspects of environmental engineering.

If you are interested in joining the WTPEO Environment Committee, please speak to any Chapter Executive, or email directly to:

Tom Markowitz, P.Eng (Committee Chair)

Or to any of the other Environment Committee members: